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Welcome to Each of our high quality jig saw puzzles are custom made especially for you or your gift recipient. Our puzzles are like the puzzles sold in stores. Only this jigsaw puzzle has your picture or pictures on the puzzle. Yes, each puzzle will have the photo or photos you have personally selected. You or your gift recipient will receive the puzzle fully assembled on a low-tack backing board, in a sealed plastic sleeve, to assure they include every piece.

People of all ages enjoy jigsaw puzzles especially with a very special personal photo on it.

Personalized puzzles are great for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Graduation Parties, Birthdays, Mother's or Father's Day. Do you have a relative in the military or recovering from an injury or illness? A Personal Puzzle is a great way to cheer them up. Make your next family reunion special with a collage puzzle. We can include up to twenty photos per side. A collage of photos from baby to school to college to adulthood will be a cherished and fun gift. Single-sided puzzles begin at only $19.95. Our challenging double-sided puzzles start at only $29.90. Order now by clicking on the 'Order' button in the box above.

A Treasured Gift

Order today to have your treasured family photos turned into a beautiful 200 piece personalized photo jigsaw puzzle starting at only $19.95. This is just the right size for a family to finish in an evening. Our personalized gifts are sure to be a hit!

Great for: Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valintine's Day, and Christmas

Do you have a relative or friend that is difficult to buy a gift for? A personalized jigsaw puzzle is a great gift for that person. Jigsaw puzzles are for people of all ages. They will be surprised and delighted with the unique gift they have received. This is a great gift for any occasion. That photo of you with your loved one makes a great Valentine's Day gift. Whatever the occasion or how difficult the person is to buy for they probably do not yet have their own personalized jigsaw puzzle.

Personalized Puzzle

Make it easy to find our site later after you have decided on the pictures you want to use on your puzzles. Right click on an open area of this page. Select 'Create Shortcut' from the menu that appears. This will place an icon on your desktop. When you have decided on your pictures and quantity just double click on this icon and YourPersonalPuzzle will automatically load on your screen. No need to go through the search engine hassle to find us again.

<Make a Memory with a Personalized Puzzle!

Fun Gifts for the Entire Family!
Your personal jigsaw puzzle creates a gift that your whole family can enjoy. Grandparents will love working on a jig saw puzzle of their grandchildren. Newly weds can relive thier special day with a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle created from a picture of the bride and groom. A sick friend will get a kick out of putting together a jigsaw puzzle of thier favorite pet. Just click on the 'Order' button at the top of the page and we will guide you through our simple and easy order process.

Make this Christmas Special!
All of your family will love to assemble a Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle showing themselves on the picture. Make it a special and memorable occasion with Your Personal Puzzle. Your entire family will love that photo or collage of photos in their personal puzzle. A collection of photos from last Christmas can bring back memories for all. Sending us picture files is easy. We will then make your 200-piece jig saw puzzle using that photo or photos. Our high quality puzzles are like the puzzles sold in stores but we put your picture or pictures on it. For an extra challenge, order our Double-Sided Puzzle. Click the 'order' button above to begin. Single-Sided Puzzles start at only $19.95 plus shipping and handling. Double-sided puzzles are only an extra $9.95. Give your family something special and unique to remember this summer. Order a Personal Puzzle from


A Great Party Favor

Are you searching for the favorite party favor? Personalized photo jigsaw puzzles make a fantastic choice. Single-sided puzzles start at only $19.95. To make a real challenge, order our "Double Sided" jigsaw puzzle. This has a different picture or pictures on each side. Each puzzle piece has part of a picture on both sides. Add several photos to create a collage. Double sided jig saw puzzles start at only $29.90. Our personalized jigsaw puzzles are easy to order. Click on the order button at the top of this page to get started. Just follow the instructions as you go. You do not need to be a computer expert to order your jigsaw puzzle from Simply choose your photo or photos, up-load them to us then complete your order at our 'Checkout' section. As simple as one, two & three.


An Educational Tool
Jigsaw puzzles introduce critical problem solving and organizational skills, preparing children for school. Those who may not show interest in puzzles are thrilled when working with Mom and Dad on a jig saw puzzle!  Especially when the pieces reveal a collage of themselves doing favorite activities. A 'class photo' jigsaw puzzle is a great way for children to remember their friends during the summer vacation. We offer discounts to school classes. We also have a fund raiser program for school, church and community organizations.

A Family Reunion You'll Never Forget!
Creating personalized photo jigsaw puzzles from old family photos and pictures of ancestors is a great way to get your family to share old stories and create new memories. Reminisce on how different grandma looked when she was young, or giggle over favorite baby pictures. A personalized jigsaw puzzle will make that family get together a very special event. You can scan conventional photos and convert them to digital format. Those priceless family photos make a collage that all the family will enjoy for years to come.